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Sunday, November 08, 2009
  Cisco Launches Email SaaS, Cisco WebEx Mail
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Daily Digest: November 9, 2009
Archiving, E-Discovery, & Compliance

Texas Tech University deploys CommVault Simpana with deduplication, archiving  

Messaging Architects and Omni Deliver Innovative Compliance Management for Exchange 2010 and GroupWise 8
Streamlining Email Risk Management operations with new eControl for M+Archive and M+Guardian results in important cost reductions

eDiscovery early case assessment with On -Demand forensic preservation and collection now available in earlyCASE version 2.0
Forensically Preserve, Collect, and Analyze electronically stored information seamlessly during early case assessment directly from your computer

Email, Messaging & Collaboration

Symantec Delivers Groundbreaking Reputation-based Security Technology
New technology codenamed "Quorum" leverages the wisdom of crowds to deliver an entirely new approach to protecting against new and unknown threats

SonicWALL and ConnectWise Raise Bar With Enhanced Integration
Management ecosystem upgrade delivers significant breakthroughs in ease-of-use and process automation, enabling tighter integration between SonicWALL and ConnectWise management applications

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Cisco Launches Email SaaS, Cisco WebEx Mail

Today, November 9, Cisco is launching its email SaaS, Cisco WebEx Mail. This is important. The offering has a reasonable chance at giving Microsoft substantial competition in the messaging and collaboration space. In short:

  • Can use Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007, or Outlook 2010 as rich client
  • Cisco-provided web browser client also available
  • Outlook compatibility is extremely high due to reverse engineering of MAP. Eg., includes notes, tasks, group scheduling etc. No plugin required
  • Has large mailbox: 5GB and 25GB
  • Based on PostPath acquisition
  • Good anti-spam and anti-virus included (result of IronPort acquisition)
  • Support for ActiveSync, Blackberry

Plans are underway to provide a rich, and innovative, integrated suite of collaborative applications. These encompass:

  • IM, voice, presence, online meetings, team workspace, social and work directory, social networking, news, blogs
  • Web client, Inbox-centric architecture
  • Prototypes are in place today; overall vision is evolving

Pricing was not revealed to us and will be announced today. However, note that Exchange Online is now $5/seat/month, and Google Apps either free or a little over $4/seat/month for the Premier Edition.

Currently, Microsoft Exchange dominates corporate email. This needs stiff competition, for the good of everyone. Google Apps may become stiff competition. The market share of on-premises Notes/Domino is gradually shrinking, and the SaaS offerings from IBM/Lotus are not yet strong enough to give Microsoft any grief. We are thus excited by the launch of Cisco WebEx Mail. It has real potential to give Microsoft a hard time. We hope it does: competition is good for all of us. ... David Ferris


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