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Tuesday, November 04, 2008
  Nov 4, Daily Compliance & Messaging News
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News on messaging, content control, compliance, e-discovery, data leak prevention
Daily Digest: November 4, 2008
Content Control, Compliance, Archiving, E-Discovery, & Data Leak Prevention

ZyLAB Awarded Contract to Provide Integrated e-Discovery and Document Management Solution to United Nations Crimes Investigation Team
ZyIMAGE Fulfills All Requirements to Provide the Serious Crimes Investigations Team with Solution to Rapidly Build Investigations and Visualize Information

Survey of Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services, Survey of Spam Control Products, and Survey of Archiving Products -- Let us know what you think about the archiving and spam control products you use. If you add your own data, we will send you a summary of the findings.

MX Logic Debuts Next-Gen Message Archiving Service
Unlimited Capacity, Streamlined Design and Powerful Search Help Businesses Save Time and Money Storing and Retrieving Messages, Meeting Compliance Needs

Thru Releases Thru Server 7.5 Software Platform And Upgrades Secure Communication Network (SCN) Cloud Service To Accelerate And Reduce Costs Of Adoption For Message Governance
New Version Embeds Role-Based Content Publishing, Information Rights Management (IRM), Non-Repudiation, Archiving, Full-Text Search, Data Retention And Delivery Policy Management Into Mission-Critical Business Applications

earlyCASE SaaS Accelerates eDiscovery Early Case Assessment
Full Support for Lotus Notes and IBM Domino Email Files Now Available in earlyCASE eDiscovery early case assessment software

Messaging & Collaboration

Vircom unveils the latest chapter in email security – modus 4.6  

Barclays chooses KANA to provide UK customers with safe, secure online communication
Barclays to enhance customer service and increase satisfaction with KANA Secure Messaging

Blog Item(s)

Mirapoint Buys Archiving Vendor Intradyn

Messaging vendor Mirapoint recently announced it will buy archiving vendor Intradyn.

Benefits for Mirapoint

  • Intradyn has 500 direct customers, which represent upsell opportunities for Mirapoint's messaging and security products. Note that these direct customers do not include indirect ones from Intradyn's OEMs.
  • Intradyn has good support for Asian user interfaces, especially for Japan and China. Mirapoint already has a major focus on these markets.
  • Intradyn has archiving support for non-Mirapoint messaging systems, via client-side plugins for Outlook, Notes, and GroupWise. Mirapoint believes it has upsell opportunities in those environments.
  • Intradyn's archiving works not just with end customers, but also with service provider solutions. SaaS vendors are an important part of Mirapoint's customer base.

Terms of Transaction

  • Very little information disclosed.
  • We estimate an enterprise value (price for company plus debt minus cash) of $7M.
  • We estimate Intradyn revenues at $4M annually.
  • Intradyn was not profitable. The deal includes some debt.


  • We estimate Mirapoint revenues at $25M to $30M annually; Sr VP Frank Knifsend assures us that over the last three quarters, the company has achieved profitability (albeit possibly at a marginal level).
  • Mirapoint has recently had a major drive to reduce costs.
  • Mirapoint did a round of funding in Fall 2007, raising about $10M.
  • Mirapoint says it's seeing success in Japanese and Chinese marketplaces, partly because Exchange and Notes are far less entrenched there.
  • Mirapoint feels that Intradyn's in-client search (as opposed to search via a Web page) is an important competitive strength in the Notes/GroupWise market.
  • Future Intradyn support for its OEMs--including McAfee/Secure Computing, Sony, and Tangent--is unclear.

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