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Tuesday, September 30, 2008
  Sep 30, Daily Compliance & Messaging News
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News on messaging, content control, compliance, e-discovery, data leak prevention
Daily Digest: September 30, 2008
Content Control, Compliance, Archiving, E-Discovery, & Data Leak Prevention

eIQnetworks Enhances Enterprise Class Security and Compliance Management Solution
New Version of SecureVue Provides Enhanced Interface, Adds Additional Data Sources and Incorporates USB Port Activity

Survey of Spam Control Products and Survey of Archiving Products -- Let us know what you think about the archiving and spam control products you use. If you add your own data, we will send you a summary of the findings.

Liquid Machines Announces New Enterprise Rights Management Solution to Persistently Protect Data Accessed Outside of Microsoft SharePoint
Tight Integration with Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) Extends Persistent Protection to More Than 400 File Types; Prevents Data Loss of Intellectual Property

Messaging & Collaboration

LiveOffice Launches Free Cloud-based Email Continuity Service
New no-hardware service helps SMBs disaster-proof their internal mail servers

Fleximation Systems Signs Reseller Agreement With Ensim
Best-of-Breed Software Provider to Offer Complete Ensim Unify Enterprise Suite

OZ Announces Partnership with T-Mobile International to Launch Mobile Instant Messaging Solution in UK and Germany
T-Mobile customers can now stay connected to friends and family in AOL, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! portal communities

Sybase iAnywhere Delivers New Version of XTNDConnect PC with Support for Windows Vista and Google
Improves Productivity of Tech-Savvy Mobile Prosumers through Two-Way Synchronization of their Windows Vista Contacts, Calendar and Tasks, and Google Calendar

Blog Item(s)

Abaca Announces Its First ISP Spam Control Deal

Abaca has successfully sold a version of its Email Protection Gateway product to its first ISP customer. Terra Latin America, Brazil's largest ISP, is rolling out Abaca's product to protect its 12 million users from spam.

Terra will deploy the product in its data centers in Brazil and Miami.

Terra says it evaluated several other products before settling on Abaca. Abaca stated that in testing with Terra, it reached better than 99% effectiveness and 0.1% false positives within "a few days" -- it's in the nature of the technology that it does require some "seeding" before it reaches full accuracy.

As we've previously noted, Abaca's core technology seems to be a good way to automatically generate on-the-fly, per-user whitelists and blacklists, with minimal time delay. It employs a rigorous, statistical approach to this, which we found impressive. ... Richi Jennings



Upcoming Reports & Events

Emerging Technology: Messaging, Compliance, E-Discovery, and Content Control
Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008
8:30 a.m. Pacific, 11:30 a.m. Eastern, 4:30 p.m. U.K., 5:30 p.m. CET. One hour.

In this event, David Ferris introduces three new or newish vendors that he finds interesting or innovative in the overlapping fields of compliance, content control, and data leak prevention. Each vendor's speaker briefly describes the company's business; then he or she and David discuss the business and its industry context. A Q&A period follows.

The vendors and products are Clearswift's IMAGEmanager, for image detection within email; Isode's M-Box Gateway, a POP-to-IMAP email gateway that gives end users IMAP (push) access to POP email accounts; and Keibi Technologies' platform for analyzing and categorizing user generated content (UGC).

To register for the webcast, click here. For more information, click here.

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Ferris Research studies messaging, and the control of electronic information. More specifically, we help IT staff evaluate and implement products and services that:

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