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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
  Jul 16, Daily Compliance & Messaging News
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News on messaging, content control, compliance, e-discovery, data leak prevention
Daily Digest: July 16, 2008  
Content Control, Compliance, Archiving, E-Discovery, & Data Leak Prevention

CA Delivers Enhanced Records Management Solution
New Release Helps Enterprises Improve Efficiency, Seek Transparency, Automate Processes and Reduce Risk

Survey of Archiving Products -- Let us know what you think about the archiving products you use. If you add your own data, we will send you a summary of the findings. The survey just started--great if you can help get this off the ground by contributing your own policies

Survey of Retention Policies -- See the retention policies for various organizations here. If you add your own data, we will send you a summary of the findings

Clearswift upgrades MIMEsweeper for SMTP to boost Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities
Version 5.3 also sees introduction of support for Microsoft Office 2007 & OpenOffice formats

Orchestria Releases FastStart Package for Data Loss Prevention
Offering Delivers a Comprehensive Set of Tools and Best Practices to Speed Deployment

RenewData Migration Service Enables Direct Management of Historical Data From Within Symantec Enterprise Vault
Service Converts Data from Backup Tapes into a Fully Loaded and Indexed Enterprise Vault for Immediate Use

Danish Defence Deploys Titus Labs Message Classification to Classify Military Email: Solution delivers powerful information classification while enhancing retention, compliance and archiving
Solution delivers powerful information classification while enhancing retention, compliance and archiving

Chester County Turns to Mimosa for a Proactive Approach to Content Archiving that Addresses eDiscovery and Business Continuity Issues
Fast-Growing County in Pennsylvania Relies on Mimosa NearPoint To Ensure Retention & Recovery of Critical Email Data and Improve Exchange Storage Performance
Use this product/service? Share your evaluation of this product

Ipswitch IMail Server Taps Sonian for hosted archiving services  

exchange@PAM adds eDiscovery & Compliance features to latest version  

Messaging & Collaboration

Email – Indispensable and Critical to Business, yet, Poorly Managed
New Email Management ROI Calculator Tool Helps Reduce Risk

KickApps Adds Live Chat, IM and Presence With Userplane
Continues Adding 3rd Party 'Apps' to World's First Social Graph Engine for Publishers

New Funambol Plug-in Lets iPhone 3G Users Migrate Address Books, Easily, Freely and Wirelessly
Named Top 20 'Cool' iPhone 3G App, it also wirelessly backs up iPhone contacts and syncs with popular webmail systems and Outlook, for free

Top-Rated Hosted eMessaging Provider, USA.NET, Incorporates Latest iPhone 2.0 SDK into Unified Mobility Platform
Delivers Secure, Device Agnostic Mobility Services To Enterprises On-Demand

Cemaphore Declares E-mail Independence: Organizations are Moving E-mail Continuity to the Cloud with MailShadow for Google Apps
Cemaphore Systems launches public Beta2 offering - Synchronizes Microsoft Exchange and Outlook® with Gmail in the cloud, without infrastructure

Open-Xchange Community Edition Now Available for Top Linux Platforms
Easy Access to Java-based E-Mail and Groupware Solution Facilitated by Using openSUSE Build Service

Listrak Email Marketing Launches Listrak 4.3
Leading email marketing service provider adds new profiling and authentication features to its service offering

Blog Item(s)

BlackBerry Support Expensive for Hosted Exchange

Many people want to use the BlackBerry as their mobile device. This presents a problem for hosted Exchange vendors.

Say they charge $15/month for support. RIM charges the service provider $3-$5/month for the use of a BES Server. This means the end user gets charged around an extra $10/month for mobile support. That's expensive.

MailSite has a solution. The email vendor recently announced ActiveSync software for the BlackBerry. This is code that's downloaded to the device. It then allows the BlackBerry to speak directly to Exchange, without any interim BES server. Hosted Exchange providers should investigate; it can help them cut a lot of cost and complexity. ... David Ferris



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