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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
  Mar 27, Daily Compliance & Messaging News
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News on messaging, content control, compliance, e-discovery, data leak prevention
Daily Digest: March 27, 2008
Content Control, Compliance, Archiving, E-Discovery, & Data Leak Prevention

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Eases Storage Issues and Reduces Risk with Fortiva's On-Demand Email Archiving
Non-profit takes pro-active approach to risk management with real-time search for e-discovery, immediate access to historical email

Email Support Staff Size Survey -- See email support headcounts for 120+ organizations. If you add your own data, we will send you a summary of the findings

Retention Policies Survey -- Participate in a roundtable discussion on retention policies for electronically stored information. If you contribute your own experience, we will send you a summary of the findings. Discussion just started so great if you can help get this off the ground

Autonomy Announces New Advanced Features for Pan-Enterprise Search Platform
First Unified Platform to Transcend All File Types, Operating Systems, and Language Barriers for Business and Legal Search

Websense Unveils First Internet Security "HoneyGrid" to Discover and Classify Web 2.0 Content and Help Businesses Safeguard Essential Data
System Scans Billions of Pieces of Internet Content Daily to Provide Unprecedented Visibility Into Internet Use and Threat Environment

AmeriVault Adds Prominent New England CPA Firm to Remote Online Backup Client List 

Messaging & Collaboration

Vodafone Germany Launches Visto-Powered Mobile Email
Vodafone E-MailConnect Delivers Ease of Use and Device Choice to Germany's Mobile Mass Market

Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong Launches Consumer Mobile Email Service With Memova Mobile From Critical Path
Memova(R) Mobile Powers MMS Email Service for 3 Hong Kong

MailShadow for Google Apps Synchronizes Rich Email Content Between Microsoft Outlook & Exchange and Gmail for Enterprises, SMBs and Consumers in Real-Time
Cemaphore defines and delivers Email Continuity in the cloud making use of the trusted, cloud-based, rich collaboration features of Google Apps

CalConnect Roundtable XII and Interoperability Test Events Registration is now open
The Twelfth Roundtable of The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium, together with the CalConnect Interoperability Test Events (C.I.T.E.), will be held in Madison, Wisconsin, Monday-Friday, June 2-6, 2008, hosted by The University of Wisconsin¬óMadison

Blog Item(s)

RPost SideNote: Simple, Powerful Way to Improve Email
We recently heard from RPost about an add-on to its Registered E-mail service. The new feature is called SideNote, and it seems like a deceptively simple, yet powerful way to improve users' experience when performing everyday email tasks.

Imagine a common email workflow: Alice sends email to Bob and wants to also send a copy to her manager, Carol. Well, that's easy: Every email system allows Alice to CC her manager. But what if Alice wants to include a cover note for Carol to set the message in context, and wants to keep the cover note private from Bob? There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Alice could send the message to Bob, then dig into her Sent Items folder, find the message, and forward it to Carol with the covering text. However, this breaks the semantics of the CC, because now Bob can't see that Carol was included in the conversation. That means that some social cues have been lost, and it prevents Bob's reply going to Carol (unless Alice manually forwards those as well).
  2. The other alternative is for Alice to first send a message to Carol saying "I'm about to send Bob a message and CC you" and include the secret covering text. Then Alice sends the actual message, CC'ing Carol.

Either workflow is messy, and causes extra "busy" work, with room for error. There's a very real cost associated with this loss in productivity. Aren't computers supposed to make this sort of thing easier?

RPost's SideNote allows a sender to add a private note that goes only to the CC recipients of a message. It's modeled after the familiar yellow sticky note, popularized by 3M. All recipients get to know who got a copy, but only the intended recipients of the private note receive it. This approach is much less messy, less prone to error, and allows users to be more productive. ... Richi Jennings



Upcoming Reports & Events

Determining the Right Retention Policies
Wednesday, April 9, 2008
8:30am Pacific, 11:30am Eastern, 4:30pm UK, 5:30pm CET. One hour.

Organizations vary considerably with regard to their policies on how long to retain electronic information before deleting it. In this webinar, we discuss laws and regulations that affect retention policy, internal corporate policies and other things to consider when determining retention policy, how to define a retention policy, the main retention policies in place today, and how retention policies are changing. The event concludes with a Q&A session.

To register for the webinar, click here. For more information, click here.

Electronic Discovery: Helping General Counsel Understand IT's Role
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
8:30am Pacific, 11:30am Eastern, 4:30pm UK, 5:30pm CET. One hour.

IT today plays an important role in the e-discovery process. In-house and external legal teams are often unclear on what IT's role should be. In this webinar, we discuss IT's role and how IT should educate its legal colleagues about its role. The event concludes with a Q&A session.

To register for the webinar, click here. For more information, click here.

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