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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
  Oct 11: Symantec Mail Security 8300 Series Announced
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October 11, 2006


  • Kaspersky Lab announces the release of Kaspersky® Anti-Virus 5.5 for Proxy Server More
  • Symantec Announces Next-Generation Mail Security Solution to Protect Against Data Leakage More
  • DYS Analytics Ships New Version of Email CONTROL! for Microsoft Exchange (ECX) More
  • Introducing Calimanjaro - A New Calendar Software Delivering the Big Picture of Time More

Insights & Observations

There May Be Troubles Ahead for Spamhaus More

Other News and Insights in Today's For-Fee Version of This Newsletter:

  • What to Do About the Spamhaus Switch-off Proposal?
  • AXS-One Now Facilitates Risk Management
  • Spam could spell trouble for wireless industry
  • Cisco Extends the Power of Unified Communications to Companies of All Sizes
  • TANDBERG Unveils First-of-Its-Kind PC Video Conferencing Solution, Proving Productivity Has No Boundaries



Ferris Research is an analyst firm specializing on the business use of email and collaborative technologies. Our clients are IT professionals or vendors active in this field.

Topics we cover:

• spam control • email
• email retention & archiving • mobile messaging devices
• web conferencing • consumer messaging services
• email encryption • email migrations & upgrades
• regulations compliance • instant messaging
• ISP messaging • team workspaces

Our main services are:

  • Information service for IT professionals. See here
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  • Educational white papers, written for vendors. See here

Email as a Managed Appliance
Free Webinar. Wednesday, October 25, 2006
8:30am Pacific, 11:30am Eastern, 4:30pm UK, 5:30pm CET. One hour duration.

Companies are struggling with increasing demands on IT staff to keep enterprise email systems up and running. IT administrators must cope with an ever-expanding landscape of email technologies that add anti-virus, anti-spam, backup and restore, high availability, disaster recovery, monitoring, storage management, unified messaging, and compliance requirements. Because there just isn’t enough time in the day, many organizations are considering the use of appliances that manage and/or run the email environment.

On October 25, Ferris analyst Lee Benjamin looks at the evolution and use of managed appliances in the messaging space. In addition, Keith McCall of Azaleos describes why companies like K2 Sports, Zumiez, and Allegheny Technologies have adopted a managed appliance for their email infrastructures and how it has helped them reduce the cost and complexity of email. Click here to find out more.


Hosted Exchange, Nov 15
Email Encryption Implementation, Dec 6
Email Archiving and Usage Policies, Dec 13

Sender Authentication, Jan 17

Ferris Research is soliciting speakers for the following webinars:

  • Hosted Exchange, Nov 15. Many organizations would like to outsource their email system. But, with the exception of individuals and small organizations, this hasn't happened. There have been technical challenges, such as slow WAN links and overly chatty client-server protocols, as well as organizational challenges. Now outsourcing Microsoft Exchange is becoming more practical. We discuss major offerings.
  • Email Encryption Implementation, Dec 6. Regulations compliance, along with vendor innovation, is reinvigorating IT investment in email encryption. We discuss the main implementation issues and how the technology is evolving.
  • Email Archiving and Usage Policies, Dec 13. Many organizations are developing or revising their email archiving and usage policies. Messaging managers and industry consultants present their perspectives on effective policies. Topics include identifying resources for policy development, determining policy needs, implementation, communication, training, and monitoring.
  • Sender Authentication, Jan 17. Sender authentication (or authorization) allows domain owners to publish information to help expose forged messages. It authenticates mail that legitimately comes from that domain. Industry leaders and messaging managers comment on the use of sender authentication. Topics include what the various authentication schemes are, how they work, their history, their future, how they assist with reputation services, how to choose which to use; how to implement on the sender side.

Speakers talk for five to 10 minutes on the topic and are joined by three or four other speakers. Attendees are IT staff supporting email technologies, consultants, vendor product managers, and investors.

The webinars start at 8:30 a.m. PST and last one hour. We typically have at least 500 registrants and around 200 actual attendees, so it's good exposure. Participating vendors also have the opportunity to use the events as lead generators by promoting the event to prospective customers.

In return, we'll give you a six-month subscription to our for-fee news service, which provides comprehensive coverage of messaging and collaboration technology. It's an extremely quick way to keep current with the news, and is normally only available to organizations that subscribe to our full information service. See a sample here.

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